Prayagraj, also known as Tirtha raj, the king of all the holy places, has its importance in a way that no other place does. It is believed that the place has the potential to annihilate the piles of sins, thus no one matches to the glory and potential of the city. Prayag is the ancient name of Allahabad meaning : the meeting point justifying the conjoining of 3 utmost¬†important river in the religious world- Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. It is […]

Kumbh and Sangam

Marking its evidence from the times of Devas and devtas, Kumbh mela has been one of the majoy events in the religious festivals of India. Celebrated along the pious river, Ganga, the Kumbh mela is organized in every 3 years , in one to one motion in 4 different cities – Sangam at allahabad , Banks of Ganga at Haridwar, Banks of Godavri in Nasik and near Kshipra in Ujjain. All these places celebrates Kumbh mela in every 12 years […]

Religious Tourism

One of the ancient countries having the most significant and mesmerizing historical as well as well religious character is our motherland. The uncountable stories and thus, the value of various places becomes crucial due to their religious substance. This has not only contributed in development of these religiously important places but also has led to religious tourism leading to the development of the cities. Religious tourism holds a very wide grip on the country like India. More than 75% of […]

Beauty of Tourism in India

Enriched with its beautiful culture and religion prevailing since the old times, India is one of most popular country when it comes to tourism. Not only is the industry of tourism in India is booming since past years giving a good economic support to the country, due to tourism people across the country experiences the variety of art, religion, customs and culture along with the various natural as well as built up wonders being made in the country. Indian tourism […]

Holi Festival of India

From rich to poor, from men to women, from children to teenagers to adults to old age, from sadhu to business class, from north to south to east to west, this festival is played similarly, without any discrimination, unbiasedly across the country, with love and purity in heart. Yes! It is HOLI. Though the festival was celebrated a few days back, the memories and excitement of the festival is still there in people which is reminded in the form on […]

Holi in Sangam Nagari

Being one of the ancient, joyful and colorful festival of India, Holi brings out immense happiness, love and excitement each year in the month of march. Not only is the excitement limited to children and youths of playing with colors and waters but extending to the people of all ages and genders. Whether it is their passion and love for gujjias, their motive or resolving their grudges, their excitement of playing with colors, when it comes to North India. Holi […]