Being one of the ancient, joyful and colorful festival of India, Holi brings out immense happiness, love and excitement each year in the month of march. Not only is the excitement limited to children and youths of playing with colors and waters but extending to the people of all ages and genders. Whether it is their passion and love for gujjias, their motive or resolving their grudges, their excitement of playing with colors, when it comes to North India.

Holi is played with fun and hues especially in the cities like Allahabad, Mathura, Vrindavan, one of the most divine and spiritual cities of the country.
Holi has a deep roots and cultural significance with these cites, there is not just one way of playing the festival but a series of rituals and styles with which we can see people celebrating.
Starting with the HATODA BARAAT in Allahabad, the begining of HOLI is marked in SANGAM from 2 days before itself. With streets decorated with lights and flowers and adorned by people as well as elephants and horsed, the procession of Hammar, sarcastically representing and Indian Groom, is decorated with red turban and flowers and is taken out and submerged in SANGAM with people dressed well and dancing all the way. A site of glitz and glamour, this ritual has a deep message associated with it: THE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL.
Similar to this is the message delivered on the occasion of HOLIKA DAHAN, where pile of wooden logs are put on fire with people dancing and taking rounds around it, greeting eeach other with color, love and sweets for it marks a new and sweet beginning of their relations with each other, leaving behind all the bad and evil thoughts for others.
The beginning of the main festival of Holi is followed by bizarre rituals, customs and message in its unique way. From LADDU MAR holi to LATH MAAR holi to the most obvious, common and fun colors and water holi. ALLAHBAD and the beautiful and colorful people of the city gives you a glimpse of the how, why and when of the most joyful  festival of India: HOLI!!!


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