Marking its evidence from the times of Devas and devtas, Kumbh mela has been one of the majoy
events in the religious festivals of India. Celebrated along the pious river, Ganga, the Kumbh mela is
organized in every 3 years , in one to one motion in 4 different cities – Sangam at allahabad , Banks of
Ganga at Haridwar, Banks of Godavri in Nasik and near Kshipra in Ujjain. All these places celebrates
Kumbh mela in every 12 years making it a biggest mela of the country.
As it is said that the drops of nectar or Amrit felt in these rives while the devas and the demons were
fighting for it in the sky, taking a bath in these rivers during the time of Kumbh mela cleanses the human
body of all their sins. Millions of devotees come together to partake in this ritualistic bath.
With this, kumbh mela at sangam, allahabad is one of the importance of all the four and is soon be
celebrated in the year of 2019 in the month of MAGH. Along With the purety and major believes of the
three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, the holiness of the Kumbh mela adds and makes it the
most dense and largest religious event of the history.the ghats of the Sangam already being the most
beautiful ones, are dressed with colors and happiness. With the coming of the Kumbh mela, the up
government keeps upto the expectations of the pilgrims in all the arrangements with comfort without any inconvenience.
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