Delhi Smog! Save Yourself before it gets too late!

With everyone choking here, it is important for us to take care of the air pollution through the following steps: Avoid going out unnecessarily. Get your food delivered online if possible. Cover Yourself Completely, with air purifier masks etc. Install the Air Purifiers which are also available on Green Plants are a must and a nautral therapy as well Drink a Lot of Water to remove the harmful pollutants that have been taken in the body.  

The National Street Food Festival on 12-14th January 2018

From different street vendors from different states of more than 25, there is a great street celebration that is going to place in Delhi. With fantasies, everyone’s dream has come true without mainly spending. The 3-day long venture for the food has different things, with best Vada Pao of Mumbai to Bhel Puri of Delhi. From Gujrat’s Jalebi to Jhal Muri from Kolkata. The tickets are at the venue only! REACH EARLY and GRAB YOUR TICKETS Soon! Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, […]

Dilli ki Sardi ke sath Daulat ki Chaat which comes in Old Delhi

Everyone in this season of winter, looks for some appealing thelas and so we at Sangamwasi have brought in the purani dilli for best chaat in town. Daulat ki Chaat has a mysterious recipe and it brings you will the best quality of the product. There are different locations where you can find this. Find yourself comfortable and approach to the area soon, before you regret to not eat it. Location 1: Jaspal & Sunil Kumar  Price | Rs 50 Location | […]

Pott Belly Sandwich Shops

CyberHub comes up with the best and favourite Pott Belly Sandwich shops which is a Chicago branch and has been the first outlet that has opened in Gurgaon, Cyber Hub. Be it the antique potbelly stove, their best seller The Wreck, or the tiny cookie in the straws of the shakes. Everything here comes up with the best secret menu which includes the best grilled and toasted sandwiches to refresh your mind, when you come out from the tiring office. The breads can be chosen as per […]

Banana walnut muffins

Baking was the most puzzling thing in cooking. Aren’t puzzles fascinating? Yes! They are. I actually started showing my interest in baking out of this curiosity only. Well! It required a lot of patience and it was really a slow process to claim your territory. You need to be very careful with the measurements and proportions. If your hearts and souls have claimed you an artist for cooking, then here comes another level of commitment! I am going to start […]

Egg curry

Grated coconut properly blended with popping garlic cloves and dhania seeds. Just imagine that taste of all vibrant spices in one bowl. How tempting it will be! Won’t it be? If something is uniting the every diversity of Indian pocket than I think in food it is the proper and mixture of Indian spices in the most popular and famous curry of every random household and that is egg curry. You will find variations in egg curry at every place […]

Rava Idly at your doorstep

If I have to talk about ‘insanity’ and ‘obsession’ for food, I would first talk about “idli” because they hold the best of my childhood memories. I can gorge on them for the whole day and they made me go in the festive vibes. And it has been years and I am still stuck with this obsession, yes! I am carrying this legacy from my mother. I have started giving it more tastes or more fusions and sometimes transformations too. […]

Get your cravings fulfilled by Egg Parantha

Late night cravings are the best and sometimes most memorable once too. When you are just few pages away to finish that hot rom-com and suddenly that stomach starts to churn and you want to put something really hot and winter spicy into it! Well! Why don’t you try some egg- parathana to kill those later winter cravings? It’s the easiest and the yummiest recipe you will come across. It was of my surprise when I finished it in 7mins. […]

Holidays around! The company has been completely nutty for this Holiday season

The butternut company has been able to maintain the quality in their kitchen to make food that nature is generally seen to be proud of. Some of them need to be careful about the gloves and how the hairnets are being used that are wore in the kitchen. The benchmark of the company has always been moving upward to ensure that they are able to make a standardised production from testing for quality in labs and working on the taste […]

Naturals Ice-Cream in Galleria

The best branch of the ice-cream parlours which you can find in Gurgaon has opened finally! It is none other than in Galleria Market (Hamilton Road). The place is perfect to visit for the different types of fruit icecreams. It has basic flavours too at a handy price. Naturals Ice Cream DLF Galleria, Shop 104, Ground Floor, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon Price For Two: INR 150 Open Today: 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM