Prayagraj, also known as Tirtha raj, the king of all the holy places, has its importance in a way that no
other place does. It is believed that the place has the potential to annihilate the piles of sins, thus no one
matches to the glory and potential of the city.
Prayag is the ancient name of Allahabad meaning : the meeting point justifying the conjoining of 3 utmost important river in the religious world- Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. It is said that Brahma, the creator of the world, offered his first sacrifice at this place. Not only in the times of Mahabharata had the glorious importance of Allahabad , the then Kausambhi, could be seen but the religious roots of the city goes back to the time of the world’s creeation. The Rig Veda mentions the city as Prayag, thus the name PRAYAGRAJ!
The name ALLAHABAD originated from the British time which was the modified version of Illahabad- the land of ALLAHs, given by the biggest ruler of the Mughals, Akbar as the city marked a very important role in administrative, political and cultural areas of the empire.
This holy place has always been associated with a major role whether in poiltical and administrative or
religious and culturally since the account w have of the creation of the world. The name of the city,
Allahabad, might soon be changed by PRAYAGRAJ marking the supermacy and dignity of our religion,
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