From rich to poor, from men to women, from children to teenagers to adults to old age, from sadhu to business class, from north to south to east to west, this festival is played similarly, without any discrimination, unbiasedly across the country, with love and purity in heart. Yes! It is HOLI.

Though the festival was celebrated a few days back, the memories and excitement of the festival is still there in people which is reminded in the form on colours yet not gone from people’s face and the famous GUJJIAS made at home which are the most awaited and favourite of all and are yet not over.

Holi as we recently noticed is the most colourful and joyful festival of the country. People from all caste and race come together, forgetting their griefs and hatred, are coloured in the colour of happiness and excitement.

Not only it is the festival of colours and happiness, but the story from which it originates carries a very strong and powerful message, i.e. “At the end, good always wins over the evil. ALWAYS!” Also, the festival makes us come closer to each other and makes us realize the harmony and peace in living together with happiness and good spirit. It makes us perceive the vagueness of having bad intention and hatred of people, instead the festival of colours makes us aware of the importance of the people around us and enhances the willingness of having good intentions and doing good for others with selfless.

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