Enriched with its beautiful culture and religion prevailing since the old times, India is one of most popular country when it comes to tourism. Not only is the industry of tourism in India is booming since past years giving a good economic support to the country, due to tourism people across the country experiences the variety of art, religion, customs and culture along with the various natural as well as built up wonders being made in the country.

Indian tourism gives the ultimate and variety of experiences at the same time The mountain and snow cladded scenic beauty in Jammu; the history and culture of Punjab, the  village experience and tradition of Haryana, the beautiful tombs and Ghats seen in Uttar Pradesh; the forts and folks of Rajasthan; the plateau beauty of Madhya Pradesh; the food and dance of Gujrat; the religion and Pooja of west Bengal; the most beautiful mountains and people of Sikkim; the high class, busy urban life of Mumbai with some extravagant monuments and caves in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra; the beaches of Kovalam; the hills of Kerala and the ports of Tamil Nadu. Every single state in the country gives a peaceful, mind-blowing and unforgettable experience to the tourist.


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