Late night cravings are the best and sometimes most memorable once too. When you are just few pages
away to finish that hot rom-com and suddenly that stomach starts to churn and you want to put
something really hot and winter spicy into it! Well! Why don’t you try some egg- parathana to kill those
later winter cravings? It’s the easiest and the yummiest recipe you will come across. It was of my
surprise when I finished it in 7mins.
So, let’s hurry and try it out!
 Egg
 Flour
 Butter
 Red chili powder
 Salt
 Garam masala
Follow the simple steps:
1. Knead the flour and make dough out of it.
2. Put the egg in a bowl add pinch of salt, red chili powder, garam masala to it and blend it
well with the egg.
3. Make a flatbread of it and place it in a hot pan.
4. Put the egg batter inside the flatbread.
5. Put some butter on it and cook till it turns reddish brown.


Your hot egg paratha is ready, serve it hot with red chili saucy or why don’t you brew some hot coffee
with it?

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