Colours and strokes of various kinds, all so fresh, all with a story to tell. Ram Chandra Shukla, is a painter and doesn’t simply stop there. He is also an art critic. Living in Allahabad with his family he has been doting on us his works of the Kashi Shailee Paintings, Samikshavad and his latest, Intuitive paintings. His very recent demise, in 2016, indeed is a loss to not only the art lover of Allahabad but all over.

He shared his talent also with the Banaras Hindu University, as a teacher of art. He retired there as the Head of the Department of Painting. Born in a small village Sukulpura of the district Basti, his journey took him to places that now are way beyond the tiny place he first opened his eyes in. He grew up in Allahabad and spent most of his life here. He had also been educated at the University of Allahabad, besides studying painting under a renowned painter, Kshitindra Nath Majumdar.

In 2005, he took quite a different turn on the road of his career when he began working on intuitive paintings, that are more spiritual and express such. They are about the experiences of the painter and are made using coloured markers and sketch pens.

A sparkle of Allahabad can be seen through his work and life and we are honoured to be connected with this jewel as Sangamwasis.

By : Alisha Phillips (Sangamwasi)

I am a teacher of Psychology by day and a writer by night. I was born in Allahabad, and have lived here ever since. This city has nurtured me, groomed me, loved me and infuriated me at times as well. I owe much to her. I am a passionate writer, poet and learner of a few other modes of expression like photography and would like, some day, to be known by these. I want to live it all.

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