Since time immemorial, Allahabad city has been a hub of learning and education.Simultaneously, it has been home to many prominent artists like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, Pant Sahab, to name a few.

Adding its vibrant colors to this rich cultural heritage, a small team of budding poets has come up with its very first book, “Arz Hai”, which is a collection of poems in both English and Hindi languages.

The range of nature of poems is long enough to flood this blog. So, I’d simply tell you that it has poems that talk about reality and dreams, home and homeland, wishes and fears, life and death and Yes!! Definitely, about love lost and found.

Remembering, how they first met, Alisha, a co-author recalls, that they met at a literary workshop, where many novice poets were sharing their creations. During the workshop, the idea to compile their best poems into a book was floated.

This sparked interest in all, but unfortunately, not all could contribute owing to one reason or the other. But, let’s focus on the positive outcomes, Right?

As the ship set sail, Elwin Dillu, Mohammed Yahiya, Alisha Philips, Shlok Ranjan Srivastava, Aastha Singh and Sehar Siddiqui came together and began their journey as co-authors of “Arz Hai”.

Elwin Dillu- Arz Hai is his second book.His first one was a collection of thought-provoking English poems, that talk about humanity, named, “Breathing Verses”.

Mohammad Yahiya-Is an Urdu Shayar by heart and an extensive traveler and explorer by passion, which reflects in his poems as well.

Alisha Philips-Her poems will enchant you and take you to a dreamland, and you’ll wish you never woke up.

Shlok Ranjan Srivastava-His poems have a touch of in-depth understanding of life and patriotism that will get you thinking.

Aastha Singh-The youngest co-author of the book, and a college student, you’ll expect her to talk about flowers and beauty and fairy queens, but No!! her work speaks about Hope, Love, and passion.

Sehar Siddiqui-is a teacher and blogger, who has written about Life’s ups and downs and conversations between things, we thought never spoke.

This must-read is available for INR-125 on Flipkart and Amazon the link to which is given below:

The team of Sangamwasi recently decided to get together with that of Arz Hai and organize an event, the story of which will be explored in the next article. Till then, as the team members of Arz Hai say…



Image Credit: Aayushi Sinha




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