The word piragüa comes from the word for “boat” in Taíno, an Arawakan language. In the movie, the piragüero (who sells piragüas) has a rivalry with Mister Softee . We’ve put collectively a quick listing of important words and phrases to get you ready to look at the film. While you don’t want to grasp Spanish to benefit from the movie or musical, studying the next terms will surely take your viewing expertise to new, well, heights.

Encomendar to charge with, entrust toLe encomendarán la ejecución del proyecto.They’ll entrust the completion of the project to him. Empapar to soakEmpape esta esponja en agua.Soak this sponge in water. ° empaparse to be soaked, be drenchedLlueve tanto que me he empapado al cruzar la calle.It’s raining so exhausting I obtained soaked crossing the road. Eminencia summit, high; hillDesde una eminencia se divisaba el valle.From a hill one might see the valley. Elevar to erectVan a elevar un monumento a los héroes.They’re going to erect a monument to the heroes.

Thirteen homes, fourteen Cuck∣olds, and never a house between; For the father and son lay in one house. Might have repented earlier than he could have found a tree to have hold’d himself upon, had he betraid Christ in Scotland. Was a powerful man, yet neither of them may pay money be∣fore they had it. Beyond VVales; Pembrokeshire extra then half inhabited by the English. Never laughed but once, and that was when he noticed an Asse eat Thistles; being laden with gold. Hill; Spoken of one whose wife wears the breeches.

Such as poking enjoyable of the audience for “never being up from 96th street”. As you presumably can see, I absolutely liked ‘In the Heights’ movie. Below, after the break, you’ll find the trailer for the film and the complete particulars relating to the house video releases of this movie. A multi award winning definition | English definition dictionary … Daniela gets everybody laundering across the streets to place their time into celebrating their Latin heritage in “Carnaval del Barrio”.

Competir [rad-ch III] to competeNo va a competir en el campeonato.He’s not going to compete for the championship. ° comestibles provisions, groceriesEn esta calle hay una tienda de comestibles.There’s a grocery store on this avenue. Cocina kitchenLa cocina de esa casa es muy bonita.The kitchen in that house could be very good. ▲ cuisine, cookingMe gusta la cocina francesa.I like French cooking. Chorro jet, spurtAbrió el grifo y salió un chorro de agua.He turned on the tap and a jet of water got here out.

Okay, so generally I like sure things that folks criticize with good purpose. We all have them…but occasionally things arise the place I can not perceive within the slightest why they’re criticized. I provide you with “Paciencia Y Fe” from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights; a pleasure I feel NO guilt over. As a matter of reality, I discover this track to be nothing wanting BRILLIANT.

° aprovechar la ocasión to benefit from a state of affairs. ° de ocasión second-handCompró un automóvil de ocasión.He bought a second-hand automotive. ° ayer noche last nightAyer noche hizo mucho frío.It was very chilly last evening. ° de la noche a la mañana overnightSe hizo rico de la noche a la mañana.He turned wealthy overnight. ° esta noche tonightEsta noche vamos al cine.We’re going to the films tonight.

° todas las veces que each time, each timeTodas las veces que le veo me pregunta por Ud.Whenever I see him he asks about you. ° una vez onceMe invitó a comer una vez.He invited me to dinner as quickly as. —Habia una vez ….Once upon a time there was …. Vecino neighboring, near-byTraen las provisiones del pueblo vecino.They convey provisions from the city near-by.

° torcerse to sprain, dislocateSe ha torcido un pie.He’s sprained his foot. Ha sido víctima de un timo.You’ve been the victim of a swindle. ° no hay tu tía there are no excuses, nothing doingNo hay tu tin; tienes que ir.Nothing doing; you want to go your self. Suplicio tortureLe sometieron a horribles suplicios.They subjected him to horrible torture. ▲ ordeal, anguishPasó por el suplicio de ver morir a su padre.He went by way of the ordeal of seeing his father die. Suela soleLas suelas de mis zapatos están rotas.The soles of my footwear are worn out.

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