The city “sangam”
I have travelled through sunset,
A waking dream.
Waves rolled over,
As my thoughts breached.
Drops of Yamuna and cold breeze,
Flashed a thousand memories.
The streets of Loknath.
And stairs of old school.
As the boat siled through sangam,
I swum through old memories.
The anecdotes of ghat,
The sands and the free.
Remembered,relived and hiked
A thousand lives in one breeze.
As I came close to silt,
Flashed a million dreams.
Dreams to be like currents.
Dreams to be free.
The eternal journey through river
Seemed my childhood again.
Who would ever forget,
The Jamuna and the city.

Poem by Aastha Singh

Art work by Samiksha Ransom

19. Concept artist and compulsive poet. Story writer and storyteller. Girl with a purpose. Perpetual seeker. Dog owner.

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