With the change in the season, with the air becoming cooler, there is also a change in the social air of the city with more fetes and more fun!

BSI, that is the Bible Society of India, organizes each year a Christmas fete which an open for all event. This has been practically a custom for many years and has attracted more and more people with time.

This is a perfect place for an evening with your gang, listening to live music, playing some fun games, and for food! There is also an open call for carol groups who may wish to make the evening more interesting. Children, families, adults, this evening is for everyone.

Food is something we are all in love with. Biryani, momos, sikh kebabs, burgers, and so much more!

Photos by Shlok Ranjan Srivastava

I am a teacher of Psychology by day and a writer by night. I was born in Allahabad, and have lived here ever since. This city has nurtured me, groomed me, loved me and infuriated me at times as well. I owe much to her. I am a passionate writer, poet and learner of a few other modes of expression like photography and would like, some day, to be known by these. I want to live it all.

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