The city “sangam” I have travelled through sunset, A waking dream. Waves rolled over, As my thoughts breached. Drops of Yamuna and cold breeze, Flashed a thousand memories. The streets of Loknath. And stairs of old school. As the boat siled through sangam, I swum through old memories. The anecdotes of ghat, The sands and the free. Remembered,relived and hiked A thousand lives in one breeze. As I came close to silt, Flashed a million dreams. Dreams to be like […]

Allahabad Fort

“The beauty of a king comes from his people but the beauty of his province comes from his fort” Allahabad fort aka OD fort stood for it’s people in 1583,built by Mughal emperor Akbar.The fort stands on the bank of river Yamuna.For a long time [Akbar’s] desire was to found a great city in the town of Piyag [Prayag], where the rivers Ganges and Jamuna join, and which is regarded by the people of India with much reverence, and which […]

Alfred Park

Built in 1870 to Mark Prince Alfred.The park is a place of attraction due the auspicious presence of a number of important monuments.Near the north fence of the garden is situated a Jamun tree.The Garden also known as ‘Chandra Shekhar Azad Park’,is a public park where Chandra Shekhar Azad sacrificed his life during India’s struggle for freedom.    The story of death of Azad was a tragic.One morning he was sitting with his counterpart in premises of Alfred park when […]