Since my childhood, this time of the year has had its charms, one of them being the Shilp Mela organized at NCZCC. NCZCC is the zonal cultural centre of the northern part of India. One among the seven cultural centres under the Ministry of Culture in India, the main purpose here is to preserve and promote cultural and literary activities for the development of the creative and innovative faculties of the people.


Picture Credits: Ahmed Khan

The Shilp Mela is one such platform where artists, in the broad sense, get a chance to display their talents and get monetary advantages from it as well. Stalls of all kinds of ethnic and fine work in jewellery, clothes, chinaware, food, woodwork, along with folk and cultural performances that are hypnotic and extremely catchy.

Shoppers line up with their bags and get shopping! Foodies line up with their empty tummies and get eating! And many simply visit to chill out. Until next year, until the next mela Sangamwasis will wait eagerly through the year, and so will I.


I am a teacher of Psychology by day and a writer by night. I was born in Allahabad, and have lived here ever since. This city has nurtured me, groomed me, loved me and infuriated me at times as well. I owe much to her. I am a passionate writer, poet and learner of a few other modes of expression like photography and would like, some day, to be known by these. I want to live it all.

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