The city of Allahabad was name as Prayag in the earlier times, which is considered to be the place of offerings. This is considered to be one of the best and famous pilgrimage spot for the people and mostly the Hindus in India. The people from different regions come to this city under the confluence of Triveni which is one of the meeting point for the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers in India. The collaboration point is called as Sangam which is considered to be the origin of the Vedic Period. The city of Allahabad is set by the Garden of Allah in Urdu which is considered to be holding the glorious history and the oldest cities in the world. The place has been considered to be the best place where Lord Brahma organised the sacrificial ritual which is considered to be the pilgrim spot and the best economic centre for tourists in India. People from Italy, France etc., come to visit some of the renowned places in Allahabad.

Some of the places are:

  1. The Triveni Sangam
  2. Allahabad Fort
  3. Khushro Bagh
  4. Anand Bhavan
  5. All Saints Cathedral

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